Truth …

… has no need of weapons to defend itself, nor violence to force people to believe in it. Truth has only to appear, and as soon as its light has chased away the clouds that hid it till then, its victory is assured!“ – Frederick the Great (1712-1786) King of Prussia

– Atheists, humanists, agnostics, believers and unbelievers, you are all welcome here as long as you are able to be honest with yourself.

That which is really truth is often buried very deep and to get to it, one must first be willing to dig deep and it very often requires us to discard everything we carry around with us of opinions and preferences and be willing to leave it long enough behind to get further to the truth. It is a struggle to find your way through the stony cracks of darkness to the glorious light – will you have the material to take on this struggle? Will you be able to become inwardly still long enough for the light to come through? You can prove it here on my blog:

“There is no God”

– a dialogue between faith and doubt.

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